nouver black desert

the new world boss arrives at Black Desert Mobile

nouver black desert

Pearl Abyss has announced a new update for Black Desert Mobile, all after the arrival of "Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave" a few days ago. This is Nouver, the new world boss that is available today for the Android platform through a download that lasts a few minutes.

Nouver, the fierce desert dragon, is known for being a wonder of nature that will rule the desert with which they see as an iron hand. Adventurers who want to measure themselves to him will have to defend themselves from sandstorms, heat stroke and hypothermia.

Defeating Nouver will give great rewards, Adventurers from level 55 onwards will have a much less exciting challenge. Once you get to win it you will get the Great Black Stone and its Abyssal Secondary Weapon, with it you can compete against other world leaders of the Black Desert Mobile title.

The Abyssal Secondary Weapon of Nouver will integrate his powerful aura, one of the best offensive weapons, something to consider if we want to take advantage of it in our favor. The Adventurers have many confrontations ahead of them, but remember that you will have to demonstrate your skills if you want to get over it.

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New events in Black Desert Mobile

Expert adventurers also have new events. The Ascension system adds a new set of skills to make the Adventurers much more powerful, but that will come in the next update. New details will be revealed next week, as Pearl Abyss herself has confirmed.

Once you defeat several monsters and complete various missions, players will receive Epic grade armor as a reward. The other addition of the update already available is to be able to manufacture weapons of greater degree, making weapons and armor at the smithy in the camp during the trip through Black Desert Mobile.