iPhone 11 y iPhone 11 pro

The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 were the two best-selling smartphones of 2019

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro

A new report confirms again that the iPhone XR was an absolute success of sales last year, but the new models presented by Apple also did not stay behind. The three iPhone 11 models have managed to enter the top 10 best-selling smartphones of 2019 despite having launched at the end of the year.

This new report has been prepared by Omdia and gives us exact sales figures for the 10 most sold smartphones of the past year. Apple seems to have resurfaced again and their new iPhone have sold incredibly well, especially the iPhone 11.

5 iPhone among the 10 best selling smartphones in the world

Throughout 2019 we were aware that Apple's best selling iPhone was the XR, to such an extent that it is possible that Apple's strategy has changed. Three iPhones have been launched in 2019, just like in 2018, but Apple changed their names so they all seemed equally important. And it seems to have worked, although other features such as new cameras and the tighter price will also have influenced.

smartphone sales 2019

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As we can see, the iPhone XR sold a total of 46.3 million of units to be placed in first position, but the iPhone 11 practically reaches in just 3 months. The new Apple device is positioned second with 37.3 million and high expectations in 2020. In addition to these two we have another 3 iPhone on the list: the iPhone 11 Pro Max in sixth position and 17.6 million of units sold, the iPhone 8 in seventh and 17.4 million and the iPhone 11 Pro in ninth position with 15.5 million Of units.

From this list you can extract very interesting data. The first is that the new iPhone 11 have started very well, better in the global calculation than the iPhone of the previous year. And the second is that the iPhone have no competition in the high range, the rest of the devices belong to the middle or low range of Samsung and Xiaomi, we don't see any Galaxy S10 in the list.