The Galaxy Fold arrives in Mexico in May, but what is its price?

The Galaxy Fold arrives in Mexico in May, but what is its price?

AHA! The Galaxy Fold arrive in Mexico.


The Galaxy Fold folding phone Samsung's arrival in Mexico, Samsung has confirmed this week, but the big question is its price.

Samsung Mexico confirmed to various media, including CNET in Spain, that the Galaxy Fold can be purchased in Mexico officially in May. A little more than a month after reaching the date marked by Samsung, we still need to know the exact date of the beginning of the sale and its price, which is not easy to pay.

Samsung said in February that the price of the Galaxy Fold will be US $ 1,980 in some markets such as the United States. But Mexico usually has prices of little more than that value. For example, the new Galaxy S10 that in Mexico costs 21,499 pesos (about US $ 1,118), in the United States that same model costs US $ 899. This represents a difference of US $ 219 (or 4,211 pesos) between what the Galaxy S10 costs in Mexico and the United States.

With that logic, we can deduce that the Galaxy Fold will reach a price of US $ 2,200 in Mexico, which is more than 40,000 pesos (specifically 42,303 pesos). This without taking into account that Samsung may raise the price in Mexico even more due to the exclusivity and rarity of the product. According to rumors, the Galaxy Fold will produce and sell in a few units.

The price information is mere speculation and we will have to wait for more official details from Samsung itself. The availability of the Galaxy Fold in Mexico happen a month after it reaches other countries. USA I'll have the phone on April 26 with AT&T and T-Mobile.

If you do not want to wait and pay for the Galaxy Fold in Mexico, keep in mind that Huawei also has a phone with similar characteristics although it looks more promising. Huawei already confirmed that its Mate X It will cost US $ 2,000. CNET in Spanish contacted Huawei to request information about Mate X in Mexico.

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