The creator of the "cut, copy and paste" function died

The creator of the "cut, copy and paste" function died

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) .- At age 74 the creator of the function died
"cut, copy and paste". The company
XeroxFor which he worked for much of his career, he published on his Twitter account that Lawrence "Larry" Tesler passed away last Monday. The command invented by Tesler facilitated the technological tasks of all who use computers.

"The inventor of cutting / copying and pasting, searching and replacing, and more was the former Xerox researcher, Larry Tesler. Your workday is easier thanks to your revolutionary ideas. Larry passed away on Monday, so join us to honor him "says the tweet.

How the idea came up

It is believed that to create the cut and paste function, it is inspired by the editorial practice of trimming portions of texts and adhering them elsewhere.

"Tesler created the idea of ​​cutting, copying, and pasting and combining computer training with a countercultural view that computers should be for everyone," the Silicon Valley computer history museum said yesterday in its Twitter account, which I regret the death of the computer pioneer.

The command invented by Tesler was popularized by Apple after incorporating it in 1983 to the Lisa computer and the Macintosh that are released the following year.

Tesler joined
Manzana in 1980 after the co-founder of the company
Steve Jobs He went to look for Xerox. There he worked for 17 years and became the chief scientist of the company.


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