The best tricks to win in Dead by Daylight

The best tricks to win in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight tricks

Dead by Daylight is an excellent video game to have fun with your friends. Here the players decide whether to be a murderer, or to be part of the group of survivors. But both sides have to fulfill very complicated missions in order to get the victory.

Although the game is complicated at the beginning, there are good tricks that can help you improve a lot in games. Will have more likely to win on either side if you consider the following tips.

When you are a survivor in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Survivor

Many players think that being a survivor is more difficult than being a murderer, but in reality it is much easier. Well, you have the help from 3 people and different skills Very good that can help you. If you want to win, it's good to keep this in mind:

  • Choose tools whenever you can: The best you can have are the mechanic boxes or first aid kits. This will allow you to disassemble sacrifices and increase the speed in which generators are fixed. Or also help your friends when they are injured.
  • Select skills that increase speed: Speed ​​has a very important role in being a survivor. The best thing you can do is to acquire speed when running or fixing generators. This will give you a lot of advantage over the killer.
  • Turn drastically: When the killer chases you, you can escape from him as easy as you think. Run until you get many obstacles, such as trees or walls, and turn suddenly on each of them. So the killer try to hit you, but dodge it and give you more time to run away.
  • Use the obstacles: there are windows or wooden boards in many places. You can interact with these things to stun the enemy and escape him, or keep him distracted.
  • Help friends: Survivors are like soldiers, they should never leave their companions behind. Otherwise, the game will be much more complicated than it is. So your most important priority is to save your friends, but be careful, since the killer is usually close to them.

When you are a killer in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Killer

On the other hand, when you are a murderer you must develop your hunter skills much more. It all depends on the type of killer you choose, since everyone has different powers and several ways to catch their victims. In general, you should consider these tips:

  • Take a walk through the generators: The objective of the survivors is to repair them so that the doors open and escape. For that reason, if you still don't find any, the first thing you should do is address the generators.
  • Follow the red floor: When there is a survivor nearby that you are discovering, the floor or surface of the place where you are cracking slightly with a reddish color. Follow this instinct and you can find the survivors.
  • Use hunting and vision skills: This will allow you to catch survivors in a more effective way. There are several skills that provide these advantages that will surely help you.
  • When you have hung a survivor, wait: If you have already caught and hung someone, it is very likely that one of your friends will come to help you. But I will not do it if you are close, when you do, stay a little without losing sight of the victim. So you will know if they are helping you and you can kill 2 birds with 1 shot.

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