Los mejores trucos para sacarle todo el provecho al Realme X2

The best tricks to get the most out of Realme X2

The best tricks to get the most out of Realme X2

If you already have it, or are thinking of buying it, here we are going to leave you with a series of tricks With which you can get the most out of your Realme X2. Settings that make it easier for you to use on a daily basis and help you enjoy more of it.

Realme X2: tricks you shouldn’t miss

Hide navigation buttons and use gestures

To take full advantage of the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen of this mobile, there is nothing better than hiding the lower navigation icons and getting used to using the gestures. This is how you should do it.

  • You enter the phone settings.
  • Next, ‘Convenience Tools’
  • ‘Navigation buttons’
  • ‘Ms’
  • ‘Vertical sliding gestures‘
  • In this mode, if we slide from the center up, we will go to the home screen. If we slide from the sides, we will go back. If we swipe from the beginning and keep our finger on the screen, we will open the multitasking.
  • We can also adjust the settings so that the backward movement is done from the sides and not from below. To do this, click on en Swipe gestures from both sides ’on the‘ Navigation buttons ’screen.

Open the camera with the screen off

There are times when we see something and we need to take a picture. And urgently. From the moment we see it, we unlock the screen, the fingerprint does not match, we try again, the camera opens and we focus and shoot, our goal has disappeared. Therefore, we will teach you to take a picture opening the camera drawing an ‘O ’ from the screen off. For it:

gestures screen off

  • We enter ‘Convenience Tools’
  • ‘Gestures and movements’
  • ‘Gestures with the screen off‘
  • ‘Draw an O to open the camera
  • Now, with the screen off, draw a circle. The camera will open immediately.

There are more similar settings on this screen, shawls take a look Because they are worth it.

Choose between drawer mode and standard mode

As in other layers of customization, in ColorOS we can choose between having all the applications outside, in the manner of the iPhone, or having them in a drawer. To do this we doing the next.

home screen mode

  • We enter the phone settings
  • We enter ‘Home screen and wallpaper’
  • ‘Home Screen Mode‘
  • Here you choose between standard mode (all applications outside) or drawer mode (have them inside, in an app drawer).

Activate the dark mode

In order to have the dark mode in our Realme X2 We will proceed as follows.

dark mode

  • We enter the terminal settings
  • We go down to the bottom until we find the section ‘Realme Lab‘
  • Inside, we only have one option, ‘Dark mode’.
  • Enter and click on ‘Activate now’

All applications, whether compatible with dark mode or not, will now look like this. And there are some that are not well optimized. In ‘Dark mode for third party applications‘I advise you to disable those that you see that do not work correctly, such as WhatsApp.

Prevent an app from closing in multitasking

block app

Some battery managers force the closure of applications that they remain in the background. This they do to save battery. But there are applications that need to remain in the background, such as messaging, music or bluetooth applications. To prevent them from closing automatically, we will do the following.

  • We open multitasking.
  • We are going to the application that we want to block and never close again.
  • We observe the three stripes men from the top and we enter l
  • Click on ‘Block’ and voila

Activate and use the split screen

If you look closely at the previous capture, you will see a separate option from ‘Block’, ‘Split screen’ This works to be able to use two applications at the same time and thus increase our productivity. For example, on one screen we have a mathematical operation and on the other the calculator to make the accounts. The uses are multiple.