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The best sound applications for dogs

It is known by everyone that a good education of our pets is essential since they are puppies. That way, their behavior will be adequate to live at home, although it is not always that way. Sometimes dogs bark in demasa, so we have to use tools like antiladridos.

And for this, there are also Android applications that meet that goal, to let it bark to avoid discomfort to ourselves, or even with neighbors How? Well, here's the trick, since the high frequency sounds for canines they will be our allies, and we bring you the best apps from the Google Play store.


It's an all-in-one, because it collects many tricks to train our dog, but the function that we are going to emphasize is to instruct him so that he does not spend all day barking, with the expert support in the matter.

Dogo - Your Dog's Favorite App

Dogo - Your Dog's Favorite App

Dog Whistle – High Frequency Tone Dog Trainer