The best multimedia tablets

The best multimedia tablets


The best multimedia tablets

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July 5, 2015

Depending on what our habits are and what are the uses that we will most frequently give to our tablets, the features which may be of greater importance can vary quite a bit, and therefore they also do what are the Models what better they will answer us. We have already reviewed the best tablets to play, to travel, to work and for children, but to finish covering the main alternatives we still have to take a look at the most interesting options for those for whom your tablet is mainly a multimedia device, in which to watch movies or series, listen to music and read, be they books, magazines or comic books. These are ours recommendations in this case.

To consider

If when we analyzed which were the best tablets to play we insisted that the graphics processing power was more important than the picture qualityWhen it comes to watching movies and series, a much less demanding activity, the screen Yes, it comes to the forefront completely, although we must think that the resolution is still not the only thing that matters, and that neither does it alone, since the sound It will be an equally important issue. In general, it is recommended that the tablet has a screen of at least 9 inches, especially in the face of video playback, but considering that we may have to easily hold it for a couple of hours, it does not hurt to try to find a good size / weight ratio.

If your processor may fall a little short in the face of playing the most demanding games more fluently, when it comes to activities where the screen prevails above all, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 You can hardly find a rival: as experts' analyzes have recognized, their AMOLED screen It is the best on a tablet to date, and not only because it has an extraordinary resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, but also for its good levels of brightness and contrast and for the accuracy with which it reproduces the colors. It should also be noted that the screen is even larger than usual in tablets in its range, with 10.5 inches instead of 10.1 inches, and despite that it is still a fairly light tablet, with only 465 grams of weight. The fact that you use the aspect ratio 16: 9In addition, it makes it perfect for video playback, minimizing the black stripes at the top and bottom, although it is also true that it is somewhat less suitable for reading. The rest of its technical specifications are also of the very good level: eight-core processor to 1.9 GHz, 3 GB of RAM and main camera of 8 MP. The icing on the cake is that, since it has been in stores for a few months now, its price has dropped considerably and can be found in some distributors for around 430 euros.

Galaxy Tab S 10.5

A great alternative to Galaxy Tab S 10.5, with very similar characteristics, in fact, to those offered by the tablet Samsung, is the tablet of Sony. The screen is somewhat smaller (10.1 inch) and uses an LCD panel instead of AMOLED, but it also has the aspect ratio 16: 9, ideal for watching movies and series, and the same resolution of vertigo of 2560 x 1600 pixels. It also uses, like other devices in the range, the technologies Triluminos and the engine X-Reality, while it has significantly improved brightness and contrast levels. The weakest point of the Xperia Z It used to be the lack of good viewing angles, but in recent years we have begun to see important advances. Tablet Sony it also has an important advantage in the performance section, since it also has 3 GB of RAM, but it mounts a state-of-the-art processor, a Snapdragon 810 (a new version in which overheating problems should have lessened). The main camera is 8 MP and arrives with Android Lollipop installed. As if all this were not enough, we can not fail to mention that it is extraordinarily light for its size, with only 389 grams of weight, and that has the plus of being waterproof. We must take into account, of course, that it is the most expensive tablet of our selection (also because it is newly released), with a price of 599 euros For the most affordable model.

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The third place on the podium will be awarded to the Fire HDX 8.9 from Amazon, a tablet with fundamental virtues for those looking for a tablet with good conditions to exercise as a multimedia device mainly. It is true that your screen is somewhat smaller than the previous ones, to the limit of our recommendations, with 8.9 inch, but it does maintain the resolution of 2560 x 1600 (resulting, in fact, in a higher pixel density) and aspect ratio 16: 9, optimized for video playback. An additional advantage of this tablet is that this great screen is complemented by an equally excellent audio system, which puts the technology Dolby Atmos at our service Having a slightly smaller screen, on the other hand, is a factor that has contributed to making it the lightest tablet in the selection, with only 375 grams of weight. Even their frames, which from an aesthetic point may pull us back a bit, a bit thick for what is the current fashion, play in their favor in making it a more comfortable device to hold. Normally we hit the tablets of the Fire range due to the limitations of its operating system, but there are cases in which this is no problem, and this is one of them. We could even say that it is the opposite, since Fire OS It is totally oriented to content consumption. The rest of its technical specifications do not disappoint: processor Snapdragon 805, 2 GB of RAM and main camera of 8 MP. Its price, 379 euros, is one more virtue.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 2014

Tablet Manzana It is another obvious candidate for those who want a good multimedia device, although there are a couple of important differences with respect to the previous three: the first, which is a somewhat lower resolution (2048 x 1536), is not that important because it is still high enough; the second is that it must be taken a little more into account, and it is the aspect ratio, which in this case is not 16: 9 but of 4: 3, which implies that we will lose some available surface when playing video, but that, in return, it will adapt better when what we are doing is reading (something for which, by the way, a good resolution is equally important ). It also misses some point if we think of it to watch movies or series because the location of the speakers is not optimal. On the side of the "pro", on the other hand, it should be noted that the quality of its screen, beyond resolution, is excellent, and that it is still very light, with 437 grams of weight. If we are Mac and iPhone users, of course, compatibility is an extra virtue. We end by remembering that its technical specifications may seem somewhat poor compared to those of the previous tablets (the A8X It is still a three-core processor with a frequency of 1.5 GHz), but the fact of having a custom-made software compensates for the surplus difference. We can buy it from 489 euros.

iPad Air 2

We finish with the Nexus 9 that, like the tablet of Amazon, is at the limit of what is recommended as far as the screen size is concerned, with 8.9 inch, although it should be noted that to have a similar size is significantly heavier (425 grams), although not so much that it can become uncomfortable to keep it. It also has a couple of important features in common with the iPad: the first is resolution (2048 x 1536) and the second is the aspect ratio, which is also 4: 3, optimized for reading. The fact, however, that the tablet of Google having a smaller screen also means some differences from that of Manzana: on the one hand, the resolution is the same, but the pixel density is higher; on the other, the black stripes that appear when playing video make the available surface area the smallest of the entire selection. In this case, however, at least its system of praise must be praised without palliative Audio and more particularly the fact of having front speakers located in the correct way so that when watching movies or series the sound is the best possible. It is worth mentioning that your processor Tegra K1 It also makes it a very good device to play, and that belonging to the Nexus range, as you know, is a guarantee in terms of updates. Your price in Google Play It is 389 euros, but it has been seen in some distributors by about 350 euros, which would make it the most economical option of this top 5.