The 3 best tricks for Brawl Stars

The 3 best tricks for Brawl Stars

The 3 best tricks for Brawl Stars - Special 2020

How are you going inBrawlStars? We know, it is difficult to reach 10,000 cups, but anyway, we are sure that you will succeed. To be a crack it is good that you know the best tricks to move forward and improve.

If you like to be aware of the best techniques of the game, use the perfect combinations and strategies stay tuned for this because it will surely interest you. In this article you have the 3 best tricks for Brawl Stars.

The 3 best tricks for Brawl Stars - Special 2020

Take note of the 3 best tricks for Brawl Stars

Do you want to be the best? Read the following tips carefully, they will be useful.

Get ready for the robotic fight, it's the best option

To max your Brawl Stars account, you will need characters to level up. To do this, you must focus on getting all the boxes you can. The trick to get boxes quickly, is that take advantage of special event tickets. You must collect all the tickets you can, as well as not spend gems on skins, at least until you have a good amount of characters.

When you have enough tickets and gems playing normally, you must wait until the weekend in which the Robotic Fight event is available. In this game mode you can bet up to 20 tickets, which multiply by 20 the chips you get. Before playing with the 20 tickets, you must ensure that you also have at least one active chip duplicator.

The 3 best tricks for Brawl Stars - Special 2020

The only tem in which you should spend gems, at least at the beginning, is in duplicators. If you ever see an offer on this item, you don't have to doubt, be the best investment. You cannot spend tickets if they are not accompanied by duplicators, because in this way you will not get all the possible chips.

Once you have tickets and duplicators, you can play Robotics Fight and try to get the maximum amount of chips possible, which are 640, and that are reached in the 6:15 minute of the robotic survival. We recommend you play with friends to get a better result.

If you succeed, you can duplicate everything

If you manage to reach this brand, you will get 640 chips, which with the duplicator will become 1280, or the equivalent of 12 boxes. This can be repeated until the duplicators are sold out or even without tickets. Moment in which you must stop and wait to get more. And you can get the brawlers one after another.

Improve brawlers strategically

The 3 best tricks for Brawl Stars Special-2020

The moment you get many characters, you must level them up. Your goal is to reach level 9, which is the maximum strength level, to unlock the stellar skills of each brawler.

Each character has two stellar abilities: one defensive and one offensive. However, they are many and difficult to obtain. Therefore, we recommend follow some rules to get the skill that interests you most.

You should not raise all characters to more than level 8 strength. Why? Because if you take them all to level 9, the chances of having the brawler skill you want will be less. This means that you should only go up to level 9 to the brawler whose stellar ability you wish to have.

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