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Telegram is updated with profiles, animated emojis and a kind of "Tinder"


Telegram, one of the most powerful messenger applications that exist and with many fewer users than it deserves, especially if we compare it to WhatsApp, has just launched a complete update of your application. Among these developments we have a redesign of our profile pages, new animated emojis and a new function to meet people.

Beyond politics, the creator of Telegram is a specialist in criticizing WhatsApp, it is true that Telegram has always boasted of being a very secure messenger app and capable of introducing great improvements in a very short space of time. This is the case of this new update that you can download from the App Store.

The news of the last update of Telegram

The first of the big news is a redesign of each user's profile pages. Now touching the photo of a contact we will enter your profile, in which your profile photos will appear in the purest Instagram style. In addition we will also have easy access to the files we have shared with that person.


The second big news is what Telegram has called “People nearby”. With this update, you can meet new friends or arrange a last minute appointment for Valentine’s Day. From Contacts> Nearby people you can see Telegram users in the area. Touch Nadir people nearby and Make me visible to join them and show your profile to other people around you. They can find you and send you messages, even if you move away or close the application.


Finally the application has added a new fast multimedia viewer to better view the photos and new animated emojis. Most of them are perfect for Valentine's Day and you can already use them if you download this new update.


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The version 5.15 Add all these news to Telegram and it is now available for download on both iOS devices and Apple Watch, as well as Android smartphones.