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Stop receiving receipts for subscriptions at Apple with this trick

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By default, with each monthly renewal to any of the services to which one can subscribe through Apple, All users receive an email with the payment receipt informing of the renewal of the service. This policy is very good by Apple but when one is subscribed to several services it means receiving a good retahla of emails in many unnecessary cases every month and even week depending on the service in question.

To avoid receiving these emails in case we are not interested, Apple has finally arranged a switch in the subscription management window which allows us to deactivate your reception. This is really practical because if we want to see the receipts of our subscriptions we can always see them from the purchase history so it is not necessary to be receiving them in the inbox with each renewal.

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The process to deactivate the reception of these emails is the same either on iPad or iPhone, you just have to follow these steps:

1 Open “Settings” and go to your Apple profile.

2 Click on “Subscriptions”.

3 Slide the button that appears at the top to the right.

Right where it says "Receive receipts for renewals."

With this simple gesture we will be indicating to Apple that we do not want to receive more emails informing us of each renewal of our subscriptions, and if at any time we are interested in receiving them again we must simply press the same button again.

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This can also be done in MacOS. The process is very similar but in this case we must go to the Mac App Store, the steps are as follows:

1 Open the “Mac App Store” and go to your Apple profile, bottom left.

2 Click on “View information” at the top right.

At this point you will be asked for your Apple password to access your information.

3 Scroll down to the bottom and in the "Preferences" section, click on "Manage".

4 In this case we will only have to mark the square that indicates that we do not want to continue receiving the renewal receipts.

In this way we can now configure whether or not we want to receive emails for each renewal of a subscription.