Steve Jobs will turn 65 today. Will you use a folding iPhone?

Steve Jobs will turn 65 today. Will you use a folding iPhone?

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Those who worked with him had it very clear: agreeing with Steve Jobs in the elevator could be fatal, as well as to have a horrible drink or lose his job in the worst case. The testimonies maintain that the brilliant Apple co-founder took advantage of that uncomfortable journey to fix the retinas on the company employee in question and launch, as a dart, a key question about the performance of his work. Bright, lucid and very intelligent, there was not a single detail that escaped the Californian and a doubtful or unconvincing response could prove lethal. Today Steve Jobs would have turned 65 years of not having succumbed to a lethal cancer that took him too soon, and we can not avoid the question: how will Apple today have followed Jobs in front?

This is the vision of the editorial team of Digital Trends in Spanish:

Juan Garca, editor in chief

I imagine a very different Apple if Steve Jobs had not been a victim of the disease that killed him a few years ago, the innovation in Apple died with the departure of its co-founder, today we will have much more functional and striking designs, and surely Apple will already have A foldable phone and a 5G phone, Jobs was always ahead of his time and a hopeless visionary.

He loved music, the iPod was his first success in his return to the company of Cupertino, possibly we will have an Apple sound system similar to Sonos, and if we can continue dreaming, we say that we will have an Apple brand TV, but no, today we have to Tim Cook and what Apple has is money, a lot of money.

Diego Bastarrica, news editor

Surely it will not be a company concerned with launching services such as Apple News (a failure) or consolidating its competition with Netflix through Apple TV. Steve Jobs is one of those who needed to lead in the industry, to be the icing on the cake, but also the filling, the structure and even the plate where the cake was.

He was not a calculator of the economic results of each quarter and would not have needed to do it, because surely his courage will not have competition in the manufacturers industry.

I learned so much from trial and error in the past, that if I were still alive, I would surely look at Samsung and Huawei from afar and everything that your company decided to take out, will be a hit like no other.

A folding iPhone?

patent new iPhone completely glass

Actually, Steve Jobs at the helm of Apple acted in a very predictable way: it promotes the development of transgressive products that anticipate the needs of the customer, a formula that, if successful in the market, left its rivals without options. What do we mean? To products such as the iPod, iPhone or iPad, innovative, groundbreaking and that when creating a niche market, they reaped all their income. It was a risky bet since if the product did not work, millions of dollars would have been invested at all; but fortunately, Jobs's nose was proverbial and projects that fell out of favor, like Newton, were counted.

Tim Cook picked up the witness of his leader and friend and, over the years, we can say that he has done so brilliantly if we look at the income statement. Apple is a brilliant company that continues to fill the pockets of its investors and even Warren Buffet himself has recognized that Cupertino's firm is probably the best business I know in the world, a qualification that is literally worth gold coming from who comes. But … would there have been another boost in Apple products if Steve Jobs stayed ahead? Will we already have a folding iPhone in our pockets?

The magician left, survives his legacy

We really have to play fortune tellers to try to interpret how Apple will be today if Steve Jobs stayed ahead and the best way to do it is to focus on the products. While it is true that Jobs represented an innovative force that dragged the entire industry with its ingenuity, this brake found its own brake in the obsession with the details and perfection of Jobs himself. For a product to receive the green light and go on the market, everything had to work perfectly and there should be no room for improvisation. Will a folding screen meet these requirements? The heart tells us that yes, but common sense denies it.

Steve Jobs was pure magic, a breaking force and an enthusiasm that was impossible not to be infected; Tim Cook, on the other hand, represents the pragmatic side of things, the same side that understands that to continue earning money, we must innovate and propose new alternatives to the market. The surgical vision of Cook proposes some very calculated steps and with little margin of error, a formula that is sweeping for the stock markets, but that leaves us with a grin on the face of those who live the craziest moments of Steve Jobs.

Apple's co-founder is unrepeatable and can not emulate a genius, but fortunately and despite having lost the genius, we are left with his legacy and Tim Cook will know how to dose the complex balance between innovation and profitability.

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