Samsung's first Android GO comes with an unexpected surprise

Samsung's first Android GO comes with an unexpected surprise

When the first leaks and rumors of a Samsung smartphone with Android GO began to circulate many we imagined that it would be an important change in the company. Not surprisingly, the firm has been using an Android interface almost from the beginning.

And we say this because until now we had the impression that the mobiles that carried Android GO used the normal Android interface, the serial one. It wasn't exactly like that, mostly worse.

The first leaked images of this model have surprised us by using Samsung Experience, the Korean company's own interface.

Android GO but with Samsung interface

Until now we had assumed that one of the requirements to use Android GO was that manufacturers did not use their interfaces but the truth is that it is not.

Contrary to what happens with Android One brands can polish their interfaces and use their aesthetic modifications, about Android GO and with the applications of this version, which have been redesigned to occupy as little as possible.

It is clear that this is a substantial difference when facing Android One with Android GO.

On-screen buttons, but with conventional aesthetics

In the filtered photographs we see how Samsung has chosen to put the buttons on the screen in this model, although it uses a very contained diagonal and a 16: 9 ratio as in the models of previous years.

All this will work on Android 8.1 Oreo GO Edition, although it will be necessary to verify how the Samsung layer affects the experience of a model that is designed to run with a very fair hardware.

Although the specifications of this phone have already leaked, we still do not know in which countries it will put up for sale or the price of it, but taking into account its characteristics we doubt that it can rise from 89 euros if you want to be minimally competitive.