Samsung patents a peculiar smartphone

Samsung patents a peculiar smartphone

As we saw the terminals arrive with an almost borderless screen causing us to fall in love with its design, probably in the future talking about quite a while really let's have a new surprise from Samsung.

A patent registered last November 29th It has been revealed that the South Korean company has a very peculiar terminal in mind. The images of the document show how it is a device that as in previous occasions It has curved screen edges, with the big difference that this time it is not only the sides, but the upper and lower ones are also affected.

It is speculated that as happened with the Galaxy S6 Edge, these curves on the screen will have a specific functionality such as It could be volume, audio, screen brightness, to mention a few. It is not possible to see any kind of connector, horn or camera, which speaks of perhaps being immersed under the screen.

To help our imagination, the LetsGoDigital website has uploaded some renders that show how the terminal could be and it really looks amazing.

Tell me you wanted us to have it in your hands, right? The screen of our terminals is still a priority in terms of the innovation of the manufacturers and surely in the future they will surprise us in unimaginable ways.

For now we do not have to worry so much and endure that what has already been officially announced reaches the public. Without further ado, tell us what you think about this new patent in the comment box.

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