Samsung Galaxy Z Flip resistance test

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip resistance test

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip resistance test

If you were convinced by Samsung's presentation about its new folding mobile, the Galaxy Z Flip, and you are thinking of acquiring We recommend that you take a few minutes and see if you passed the resistance test or not most famous in the world El del YouTuber JerryRigEverything of course

How tough is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

Jerry has not had compassion with the new Samsung mobile phone, because he has performed each and every one of the necessary tests to check if it is as resistant as it seems. Next, we are going to show you the results that this YouTuber has obtained at the time of carrying out the different tests:

  • The interesting screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is given with a resistance of between 2 and 3 points within the Ohms scale. This means that the screen is not glass, as Samsung argues, it is plastic and is very easy. The ua of a human finger itself can cause large scratches to the display in question.
  • On the other hand, the screen located on the back of the mobile, small by the way, is given with a resistance of between 6 and 7 points within the Ohms scale. This means that daily contact with other items, such as keys and coins, does not scratch the screen.
  • The sides of the mobile are made of metal, as well as the upper and lower edge. This allows the phone not to fade easily, as friction with other surfaces will not be inconvenient.
  • The fingerprint reader, located on the right side of the mobile, It is not as resistant as in other models. A couple of scratches and the reader stop working forever.
  • The back of the mobile, both upper and lower, is made entirely of glass. Keys, coins and penknives will have no effect on the surface in question.
  • The fire test certainly indicates that the screen is made of plastic, since the light that is reflected on it changes shape when it receives heat. The results also indicate that the heat leaves permanent damage on the display.
  • The technology implemented by Samsung for the hinges of this mobile is simply surprising. For the first time a folding mobile does not allow dust to enter the hinges, something that undoubtedly demonstrates the work that Samsung carried out to achieve this achievement.
  • Finally, the test in which Jerry doubles the mobile has yielded surprising results. The mobile is very resistant when folded in an erratic way, so much so. that the screen inside does not suffer any damage. Another thing happens with the back of the Galaxy Z Flip, because the glass case Can't stand so much stress.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: a bitter taste resistance test

How tough is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

While Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip has passed many of the tests by far, the overall result is not as shocking as Jerry believes. As we mentioned in the title, the mobile manages to pass the resistance test without problem, but Samsung has lied to us from the beginning.

The flexible screen is not glass, it is pure plastic. Scratching it is extremely easy, you just need to pass the finger ua to leave a mark. Also you cannot put any screen saver, because when bending it is practically impossible to get a protector that does not give the display and that can also be folded in half without being damaged.

In the same way, not all is bad news, because the rest of the tests have managed to overcome them. In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip becomes one of the most resistant folding phones on the market. If it were not for your screen, we will be at the first folding terminal without weak points as far as resistance is concerned. Finally, we recommend you to go through this note where we show you if it is worth buying the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.