Samsung closes a factory for the coronavirus

Samsung has been forced to close a factory in South Korea, after detecting that one of the employees was infected by the coronavirus, to prevent more workers from becoming infected within their facilities.

Its about complex in Gumi, South Korea, which mainly manufactures mobile phones for Samsung's own country of origin, although also two of the most advanced models of the manufacturer: the folding Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, recently introduced.

Samsung decided to close the complex, and the workers closest to the affected agreed to stay in quarantine To reduce the risks. And the Gumi manufacturing complex is located near Daegu, a South Korean city where the COVID-19 coronavirus has spread, with hundreds of people affected.

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Samsung is already ceasing to produce phones due to the coronavirus, it is second factory closed (the first was in China), and for now the impact is reduced. The problem for the company to arrive if the disease spreads to India and Vietnam, where the bulk of the mobiles are manufactured.

It is not the only technology company with difficulties, because the entire industry may experience launch delays. Apple, with a great dependence on Chinese factories, will suffer from lack of stock of the iPhone if the situation worsens.

In principle, the factories of the Samsung complex in Gumi return to normal, although coronavirus tests are going to be done, and we should not rule out that the company should take additional measures.

The impact of COVID-19 grows with its international expansion, and the technology sector has already suffered the 2020 MWC suspension, the great world fair of smartphones, to prevent the spread of the virus.

For now, the Samsung mobile production should not be too small, but models like the Galaxy Z Flip may suffer shortages. If the coronavirus forces new closures, we may notice a lack of stock or price increases, although it is not easy to anticipate the situation in such a changing environment.

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What do you think Samsung has had to close two factories already? Do you think this reduction in production will result in a shortage of smartphones?

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