Reddit CEO harshly deals with TikTok: It's spyware

Reddit CEO harshly deals with TikTok: It's spyware

A round table on technology in Silicon Valley, left the dish warm and juicy for Reddit CEO Steve Huffman to hit TikTok on the floor.

The founder of the social network that works as an imageboard and forum, rejected the idea that new applications have to generate some learning from the Chinese platform, which combines short videos, with dancing and singing in vertical format.

"Maybe I regret this, but I can't even reach that level of thinking with them," Huffman said."Because I consider that application so fundamentally parasitic, that it is always listening to you, the fingerprint technology they use is really scary, and I couldn't install an application like that on my phone."

From this first sentence of Huffman it follows that TikTok uses the information of the users for espionage, through the microphone or the biometrics of the cell phone.

#HolaLaLigaSantander is the viral challenge launched by La Liga and TikTok#HolaLaLigaSantander is the viral challenge launched by La Liga and TikTok.

"I actively tell people not to install that spyware on their phone," Reddit CEO later said, to question all levels of TikTok security.

Faced with security threats, the Chinese application recently delivered a version to the Spanish press.

“TikTok is committed to protecting user data. Like many organizations, we encourage security researchers to privately reveal zero-vulnerability vulnerabilities. ”

Pornographic site imitates TikTok

This week it was also known that the YouPorn site is taking out a TikTok smil called SWYP, which has the same way of working as the Chinese app to navigate: swipe from bottom to top for the next and top to bottom for the previous video.

According to Charlie Hughes, vice president of YouPorn, "we are the first to offer recommendations based on machine learning in all areas of the site" which includes the new SWYP.

“Now, with the addition of YouPorn SWYP, exploring content based on specific interests will be easier than ever for our users, and consequently the recommendations within SWYP and anywhere else on the site will always be improving. SWYP was designed to be a visually easier way to watch porn and discover new content, Hughes added.

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