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Realme will be completely separated from Oppo to operate independently


Really It is a company that first became known as an Oppo arm in the smartphone industry. This began as one that followed Oppo's guidelines to the letter until the end of July last year, which was when the Vice President of Oppo resigned from the firm to become the CEO of Realme and thus mark a new beginning of the Same as an independent brand.

While this is no longer under Oppo's command as such, it continues to share several lines and even follow instructions, but this is something that would soon be giving a definitive end.

This is what one of its main executives has revealed. Realme operates quite independently of its parent company (it already has its own R&D and marketing departments), but it still shares resources with Oppo, as we were saying.


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In the future, The company is expected to “build its own ecosystem and production lines”says Chung Hsiang-wei, Commercial Director of Realme Taiwan. However, the split depends on Realme's business continuing to expand, which seems to be happening, as it was recently named as the fastest growing smartphone brand globally.

Chung does not believe that Realme and Oppo are in direct competition. With the new Reno series, Oppo is transitioning to the premium segment, while Realme is focusing on phones focused on the mid-range and aesthetic.

Then add that The company plans to enter the portable devices market and launch wireless headphones (which should arrive in December). The company is working on a pair of 5G phones, the first of which will be released in a couple of weeks.