Prices and how to buy the Samsung S10 line

Prices and how to buy the Samsung S10 line

The Galaxy S10 family It already has official prices in the United States, Mexico and Spain.

The Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10 Y Galaxy S10 Plus They will go on sale from February 21 and will be delivered from March 8, specific dates for the United States and Spain. Its price starts at US $ 749 for the S10E, but don't be anxious that we now explain everything you need to know about prices and where to buy them:

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Buy or not buy the Samsung Galaxy S10?


Galaxy S10E: Prices in the United States

The Galaxy S10E has a base price of US $ 749 in its 128GB storage configuration.

You can book it on the pages of Samsung, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Spectrum Mobile, US Cellular, Xfinity Mobile, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam's Club, TargetyWalmart.

Buy the Galaxy S10E on T-Mobile and Metro

If you buy four unlimited lines on T-Mobile you can receive four Galaxy S10E for US $ 40 for each device per month. In addition, you can receive up to US $ 620 off when you exchange an old device or when you add a new voice line.

T-Mobile also offers you to pay the phone for 36 months, with fees of US $ 20.84 and US $ 0 down payment. The phone has a full price of US $ 749.99.


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Buy the Galaxy S10E at Sprint and Boost Mobile

Sprint has the possibility of buying a Galaxy S10E and receiving another one for free until March 8. You can also receive some Galaxy Buds valued at US $ 129 for a limited time during the reservation time that ends the night of March 7. The Galaxy S10E can also be purchased through the Sprint Flex plan for US $ 31.25, without down payment, for 36 months.

Boost Mobile, the Sprint prepaid unit, also sells the Galaxy S10E without any contract as of March 8 for US $ 749.99. In addition, new consumers who switch to another operator's Boost and activate a plan of more than US $ 50 will receive an immediate credit of US $ 50 in the S10E. This offer expires on April 15.

Buy the Galaxy S10E at AT&T

AT&T allow you to buy the Galaxy S10E for $ 25 a month under the AT&T Next plan. Unlike other operators, the plan only lasts 30 installments. Its cash price is US $ 749.99.

Buy the Galaxy S10E at Verizon

With the Verizon payment plan, the Galaxy S10E is priced at US $ 31.24 for 24 months, for a final price of US $ 749.99.

Buy the Galaxy S10E at Xfinity Mobile

The Xfinity Mobile mobile service, a unit of the cable television provider and Internet Comcast, offers the Galaxy S10E of 128GB for US $ 750 or for installment payments of US $ 31.24 per month for 24 months. The 256GB model costs US $ 850 or US $ 35.41 per month for 24 months. An Xfinity promotion offers a prepaid card valued at US $ 250 for the purchase of a Samsung cell phone and the activation of a postpaid plan. Offer expires April 7.