Poopdie is the new PewDiePie game in an eschatological world

Poopdie is one of the most eschatological games we've seen these places, but we can almost say that he has best treated that "dirty" issue that many do not even want to see in painting. It will be for some aromas that we do not recommend to anyone, but this time it is PewDiePie who dares it.

And as you might say, sometimes you have to "get dirty" to achieve victories and achieve goals. And this is where this new dungeon crawler has everything to become a unique experience; leaving everything eschatological aside, but that does not cease to have its point of humor and be something in itself quite special.

You have to have some art to create something like that


Surely if they came with the basic idea of ​​this game to start the project, you would go out saying that what madness is. Well, this madness has become a dungeon crawler called Poopdie and has been produced by the same and famous youtuber called PewDiePie.

A game that is presented visually as a great beauty and that from the first minute will make you the most curious to know chow have they been able to use such a "dirty" theme and not go wrong. And it is true that visually it is very attractive and has some aupa graphics.

All in a dungeon crawler in which we can generate more "little cups" so that they work for us and eliminate all those enemies that will come our way. Our character, or rather a whole worm with a modern hairstyle, will be responsible for making them "born" by a method that we know every living being on this planet and that we leave to the imagination.

It's not being scrupulous, it's being Poopdie


A dungeon crawler needs extensive dungeons and this is where Poopdie knows how to hit the right key so that we have a good time exploring all the chores of them. We will discover the main skills of our protagonist and how those "little dogs" are responsible for doing the "dirty" work. In fact, we can plant all the pines we want (there was already a moment that we could not be less descriptive) and thus have a whole battalion that will defend us.


Y it will defend us against enemies that are very heavy and we could almost meet them when we go to public toilets. Well, more deformed and more rare, but if we closed our eyes, surely we would identify them by smell.

In those levels and dungeons we must go on accomplishing some missions and for this we have a map and the missions to be carried out. It is not translated into Spanish, although being a bit ingenious it won't cost us to understand what to do. You generate pockets, the strips on the enemies or even on some elements such as carrots and other series of objects that we will find.

A "rich" environment with the best of smells


We have to do highlight that work in graphics and character design, environments and illustrations is the best we have seen. This also means that you need a good machine, so do not put bad scores when you have a mobile phone that has the GPU it has and the CPU it has … There are already games that require resources and if so, it is because every time there are better games.

PewDiePie has surprised us with this new title that puts us before the most eschatological game we've seen on Android. Technically it is a wonder and it is left to discover, even knowing that we are going to have to take some digital wipes to then clean ourselves a little, or at least have the feeling that we have passed through places full of “XXXXXX” (take your imagination).

Poopdie is a high quality crawler dungeon and that encourages you to throw yourself in the mud to enjoy a free game that you already have in the Play Store. We leave you with a pure and clean Elemental Dungeon in the same category of games.