Doors: Awakening

Open all the portals with your intelligence in the Doors: Awakening puzzle

Doors: Awakening is a mysterious puzzle in which you are going to use your own fingers to go experimenting and touching all those portals that are placed before you to solve them. You will be able to activate all kinds of mechanisms and get a lot of objects to place them in some holes and thus open those doors.

Those doors will take you to discover a little boy who looks at you and disappears before your eyes so you can go to the following portal and be able to solve it. A game that is characterized by a great touch in the visual and a series of enigmatic levels that we will face with the clues we can ask for.

A little boy who looks at you …

Doors: Awakening

Doors: Awakening puts you before a story that you start when you wake up from an accident. You see a portal with the shadow of a small child that looks at you and you start your journey by following it through a series of portals. In each of those portals leave a letter and they reveal a mysterious story that you are facing.

What awaits you are two alternative endings as you go discovering certain mysteries and make some decisions. A game that is based on the look and touch to activate all kinds of mechanisms and that these allow us to continue discovering the resolution of a portal that has to be opened yes or yes.

You will have one large number of objects that you can take to use them to activate those mechanisms and thus solve the mysteries. The problem that lies in this game is that we are going to have to go through that of playing and testing until we take the next step. Unless we use the tracks and we will have a limit number of them.

Play Doors: Awakening for free, although paying for levels

Doors: Awakening

Doors: Awakening presents us with a challenge in which we will enjoy having to rotate certain mechanisms ourselves or pull a crank to open a door and from this another object arises with which we will have to know how to move. It is an adventure to be played to discover that each of these portals has many small mechanisms linked to each other.

A game very similar to the series The Room and in which we will have to arm ourselves with all the patience of the world to solve puzzles and those puzzles. If we already add the child looking at us to try to know what happens with his story, we will have to put all the meat on the grill to discover what happens with his story.

We can play for free, although with the option to buy additional levels to discover those two endings that we can experience playing again when we finish one. A title of a category full of games in the Play Store and that at first it is quite difficult to be able to differentiate from each other.

Visually attractive with good sound

Doors: Awakening

Doors: Awakening is another one that adds to that dozen similar games in the Play Store. Just put "door" in the Play Store and you will see the copies of games similar to The Room and it was the one that opened the ban to see this proliferation of titles.

Visually it is very attractive, although the main screen menus leave a lot to be desired and place it as one more in the Android apps and games store. We like it much more in the game with some interesting details and with some curious puzzles, although if we use a little intelligence, we will be able to solve them all.

One more puzzle game to The Room and this time it's called Doors: Awakening. If you are looking for riddles, mysteries and puzzles, you already have another one to hang out with and try to know what happens to that child who looks at you every time you open a portal. The scare is more than assured.

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