OnePlus lanza HydrogenOS para el mercado Chino

OnePlus launches HydrogenOS for the Chinese market

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<p class=The conflict between OnePlus and Cyanogen was received as a jug of fra water between the users of OnePlus One, for fear that the Chinese company left Cyanogen aside to propel OxygenOS, The ROM you developed for your device after the Cyanogen disconnect with OnePlus.Now, a new version appears on the scene for the OnePlus One.

Without a doubt, from the beginning, The OnePlus One was designed to give the user complete freedom for the use and customization of the device, and thus demonstrated its alliance with Cyanogen. Now, it seems, OnePlus is going to launch a new version of its operating system under the name of HydrogenOS to be presented and launched only in China At least for now. Probably, this name does not sound like anything, but it is simply a version of OxygenOS for the Chinese market.

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HydrogenOS include a new interface with new colors, and add new animations in the style of Material Design, so work under the base of Android 5.0 Lollipop. In the words of OnePlus itself, they want to flee from interfaces similar to iOS, as most Chinese manufacturers do. This new update will be presented on May 28: OnePlus has already sent the relevant invitations for such an event.

Despite the appearance of HydrogenOS, we must not forget that although Cyanogen is officially disconnected from OnePlus, they have promised to continue supporting OnePlus One; which, in fact, has recently received the latest version of Cyanogen: Cyanogen 12, based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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