Onda V919 3G, new tablet with Intel Core M processor

Onda V919 3G, new tablet with Intel Core M processor


Onda V919 3G, new tablet with Intel Core M processor

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July 3, 2015

The Chinese company Onda has just presented the Wave V919 3G, a new tablet with Intel Core M processor. The firm has been betting for some time to incorporate them into its tablets leading processors and the Intel Core M is one of the best that can be found today in the market. The device also has a complete list of specifications and its price remains in the affordable line of its other models.

Last summer we talked about the V989 Wave that managed to beat an AnTuTu record at that time (55,000 points) with its Allwinner A80T eight-core processor. At the end of last March we present the Wave V116w Core M, a device that like the Wave V919 3G assembles the interesting Intel processor. A chip that raised high expectations after its presentation, since it allowed the manufacture of fanless equipment, which would reduce the thickness and leave space inside the housing to improve other aspects such as the battery, but that in the end has not been as used as expected.

As we said, the properties of the Wave V919 3G are not only found in its Intel Core Broadwell-M 5Y10c model processor that operates at 2 GHz and offers the possibility of turbo mode, but has some more outstanding features. Starting from the screen 9.7 inch IPS (ratio 4.3) with resolution 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, usual figures of Apple iPads and guarantee that the experience when watching movies or playing video games on the device will be entirely satisfactory.

In terms of memory, it is surprising to find a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. Mount two cameras, a main one at the back of 5 megapixels and a secondary in the front of 2 megapixels. No less interesting is that it has a slot for SIM cards, or what is the same, 3G mobile connectivity, referring to his name. Although the icing could have been 4G, mobile connectivity is a feature that usually increases the price of tablets a lot, but this is not the case in this case since its cost is 290 euros To the change. In addition, it also allows you to attach a keyboard to get the most out of Windows 8.1, the operating system that you run.

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