Now the Pulse SMS app becomes open source on Android


Pulse SMS is an app for managing SMS messages who just announced that it becomes an open source. That is, your source code will be ready in Github so that anyone can use it or simply verify it to know each part of your code.

This app for managing SMS messages has always been a of the best alternatives We have our own manufacturers. And the fact that it is now open source also opens the door for other developers to contribute their grain of sand.

What is curious so that now be open source Press SMS is the fact that it does not support to RCS messages. And it is that Google has not yet opened support for RCS for third-party apps, so everything can come from this point and that prevents many from using this app by default due to lack of support.

Using RCS allows faster sending of messages, reading and "typing" of the receivers, higher content load of media for images, videos and more, and in the end you get in touch with a phone number; not an app that should be installed if the receiver does not have it.

Pulse SMS has been an app for SMS that It has been very well received by the large number of features and customization possibilities. Just like sending messages from the web or other linked Android devices.

We will see How is the support and updates of Pulse SMS going now?, and hopefully more developers join the work of the only developer that has had today. An interesting movement by Pulse SMS and we will see where it ends.

Press SMS (Phone / Tablet / Web)

Press SMS (Phone / Tablet / Web)