Nokia N9 2020 concept modernizes a classic design ┬╗ERdC

Nokia N9 2020 concept modernizes a classic design ┬╗ERdC

Nokia N9 2020 concept modernizes a classic design

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Nokia first announced the Nokia N9 in the month of June of 2011; The device was made with a design very similar to that of the Lumia line. The Smartphone equipped a round-shaped Oreo camera; Recently Nokia 7.2 and OnePlus 7T adopted a camera similar to this one. HMD Global has been working recently on the relaunch of several of Nokia's classic devices; Some examples of this are the Nokia 3310, the Nokia 800, among others. The Smartphone now has a new version with the design of the Nokia N9 2020 Concept.

The design was created by Antony Andreas; This designer developed the design taking several features of the original design but with expanded functionality. Making the replacement of the plastic body, the device instead has an aluminum body; and also has a more refined design. The device retains the angular edges of the Nokia N9 original; however the sides are perfectly curved. The design is very similar to that of an iPod. The fuselage extends to the edges of the screen just like the original model; which results in thick bevels at the top and bottom. The device presents a pink color which makes it look attractive. The designer also referred to the possibility that the yellow tone of the Lumia 1020 may appear on the device.

The Nokia N9 will be 10 years old by 2021; and Nokia may be re-launching the device. Possibly if the final decision is made to relaunch the Nokia device, opt for a completely different design; as it did with the Nokia 3310. Although it is a classic design presented by the device; Today it seems that the public is more familiar and graded with other types of designs. We will have to wait for the official announcement of HMD Global about the relaunch of the Nokia N9.

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