Meet the design with which Facebook innovates during 2020

Meet the design with which Facebook innovates during 2020

Three parallel tabs to show various categories of news will be testing Facebook, according to the recent filtering of a design prototype for application in mobile phones.

That way, it will be easier to escape your ranking algorithm and explore the news in different formats, TechCrunch said.

The formula is headed, that is, by the standard board with the contents that the social network considers most relevant (Relevant) for each user.

However, it includes recent (Recent) content, but in a reverse chronological order, which was previously hidden in the sidebar.

The second novelty will be the publications seen (Seen), as a historical record, which can only be accessed in the desktop version. If you are in front of a computer, you can try it through this link.


While this feed with pestaas has not yet been launched, if Facebook ends up implementing it officially it can make the social network feel more dynamic and alive, since it will be easier to access the latest to see what is happening in real time, I raised the digital medium.

The version of TechCrunch added that the functionality could also help locate publications that have seemed valuable, but were lost due to a deconcentration.

The last time the firm led by Mark Zuckerberg made a relevant innovation in his wall was in 2013, when he threatened with a sidebar where he would put mens like Music, Photos and Close Friends, which he finally ruled out.

The News Feed prototype with tabs was discovered in the Facebook code for Android by reverse engineer engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who has given TechCrunch advice on new main features, add the medium.

The educator generates screenshots that show the new tabs. When you touch them, a configuration window appears to sort the news sources, in addition to choosing who can access them.

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