Japons gets bored of the 'selfies' stick and creates the 'armselfie'

Japons gets bored of the selfies stick and creates the armselfie

We all know about the ingenuity that the Japanese possess, and much more as far as technology is concerned, without measuring ages or genders. These scholars can make something very simple a fundamental tool of everyday use. Bored of the ‘selfies’ sticks they use everywhere, a Japanese has devised a way to do something more creative about it and did not think of anything other than having longer arms.

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<p>Having the premise that the length of a person's arms does not have much distance, Mansoon (the young Japanese creator of this innovation) has decided to increase it so as not to have to use<strong> the annoying selfiesticks ”, which he says, can generate tension between their users and the people around them</strong>.</p>
<p>Thus, this boy has put two plastic arms at the end of the popular sticks, including these a mobile phone holder in the palm of the hand. To this invention the manufacture of a shirt with the longest sleeves has been added in order to hide the trick.</p>
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For its part, the creator explained in his blog, that other people will only see someone with arms somewhat longer than normal, but not to attract as much attention as with the sticks to make selfies. Then, to demonstrate his theory, he has visited some places of wide attendance where he tested his invention, demonstrating that no one around him realized he was wearing it.

Similarly, Mansoon ensures that his invention has a couple of advantages added, and that is that it expands the background that can be seen in the photograph and, in addition, does not bother other people, since it is placed in a higher position.

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<p>This, it seems, is something to start ringing on social networks, however there are questions that jump on the subject, such as: will we have models of shirts for all tastes ?, If we use these selfie arms can we perform other simultaneous activities? Well, it is barely known, so let's hope to see what other benefits this innovative product brings us.</p>
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