Install the official Samsung S9 + widget

Install the official Samsung S9 + widget

Once again, TecnoCat has done it again and now we bring you nothing more and nothing less than the official weather widget that includes the new flagship devices of the Samsung brand known as the Galaxy S9.

It is worth mentioning that you do not need to be a root user to enjoy this wonderful widget since you only need to download the apk that we will leave you in a link, install it and ready, to enjoy it you should only go to the menu of your launcher to select and place a widget and It is here that you will look for it and place it the way you want.

Once placed you must enter location so that the widget identifies the climate of your area and voila, you already have part of the customization of the new Samsung Galaxy S9, finally it should be mentioned that the application is completely secure since it was officially removed from a Galaxy S9 so there is no problem.

Download it here