Install the official Moto G6 Launcher

Install the official Moto G6 Launcher

Motorola's new devices are coming to show off the G family with its sixth generation of mid-range which want to come back to captivate the hearts of many users to become the best mid-range this year.

Now, TecnoCat staff has thoroughly sought this incredible application which is nothing more and nothing less than the official launcher of the next Moto G6, it should be mentioned that if you have a Motorola 2017 device, this application may be an update of the that is already installed so you only have to download and update it, and in case you have older Motorola devices such as the G4 motorcycle, you must download and install it as a new application, apply it as default and ready to enjoy the new one launcher

It is worth mentioning that this is an update of the Moto launchers so it is totally safe and will not give any problem, this will be left in a direct download from Google Drive which weighs approximately 1,600MB.

Download here