Install the new Android P image editor

Install the new Android P image editor

Thanks to the release of the new official version of the Android operating system, many applications that are installed on this system have been coming to light, so today, TecnoCat brings you how to install the official photo editor of the new Android 9.0 operating system P.

This comes in the form of an apk so it is not necessary to be root users since you only need to download the application in the link that we will leave you, install it and to be able to use it you should take a screenshot or even any image that you want to edit, share and search for the application named Markup.

Once the application is selected, the photograph will appear and below it are the editing tools which are few and simple but necessary since you can choose two pen or brush options as well as seven different colors.

It is worth mentioning that this editor only contains the edition in the form of a brush and pen since you will not be able to adjust other parameters of the photograph such as changing the size, shape or other tools found in a complete edition.

Download here

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