Instagram security improves with three new features

Instagram security improves with three new features

At present there are few people who do not have a digital life. Some only use Facebook accounts, others WhatsApp and others prefer not to use social apps and turn to mail or other services.

Instagram is one of the most popular and security on its platform is becoming more and more relevant since they have more and more users.

Today one of its founders has explained how they will improve this aspect with three new options that will be implemented in the coming weeks.

About this account

The first of the measures is to add a new section to the profiles with more followers, the most relevant. In that section, named About this account, we can see the date on which that user joined Instagram, the country he is in, the common accounts we have, if he has changed the username in the last year or if he hires ads.

The reason is to prevent accounts of a type then being sold to people or businesses with a strong user base, in addition to avoiding phishing.

Simpler verification

One of the security tools that Instagram has is the user verification. This allows to know if a profile is real or not since it has passed through the verification table of the company.

The novelty is that any user can request verification directly from the Instagram app, in a new setting that will hopefully enhance the use of this function.

Third party apps for double verification

The latest development is the possibility of use third-party applications to enable double authentication on Instagram. Opening its API, the company will allow developers of password management apps to link to Instagram so that using the double factor is much more comfortable than with an email or SMS.