Instagram for Windows 10 is already a Progressive Web App

Instagram just presented your new redesign for Windows 10, not only visually, but it has become a Progressive Web App. That is, the PC application is now limited to replicating the web version of Instagram.

Actually, Instagram has always been a very mobile-oriented social network, and the Windows 10 version receive few updates, so its users took too long to enjoy the new features.

By opting for a Progressive Web App (PWA) all news that comes to the web version of Instagram can be used on computers without further development, which in the long term should offer a superior experience.

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In fact, the direct messages recently arrived on Instagram web, so it could be a sign that the possibilities are going to be expanded from the browser, which for now leave a lot to be desired.

Image - Instagram for Windows 10 is already a Progressive Web App

Instagram features in Windows 10 are limited, we can see the photos and Stories, send direct messages, post content and follow new people. We also have access to notifications, the search engine and the Explore section.

Instead, We cannot publish photos, videos or Stories, nor send audios or make video calls in private.

At the moment, the change to PWA little or nothing improves Instagram in Windows 10, but hopefully it will be the basis for reorienting its development. Twitter also migrated its PC app to a PWA, and over the months it proved that it was the right decision to keep it updated.

Those who have Instagram on their computer will see that the Windows Store updates it automatically (forcing a session again), although we include the link for those who want to try it for the first time.

Instagram on PC is not very useful in general, but it can be comfortable if we do not have the mobile phone at hand, or we want to have a long conversation using the keyboard and a large screen.

We hope it is a first step for Instagram on PC and web to improve, because we have already known news such as quotes in Instagram conversations that will be simple to implement on all platforms.

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What do you think of Instagram changing its design on PC? Do you think a Progressive Web App make it easy to keep up?

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