HTC does not give up and try with 5G phones

HTC does not give up and try with 5G phones

htc will launch a mobile 5g

When Android was a young operating system, there was a manufacturer that boosted it and led to commercial stardom. And no, we are not talking about Google, but about HTC Mythics, the brand that has the honor of being the first to launch an Android mobile (the HTC Dream). However, the last few years have been every free for HTC, whose name is no longer among the leading manufacturers of Android devices today.

The Taiwanese company launched its last flagship, the HTC U12 +, in 2018 and the following year the HTC U19e, HTC Desire 19s and HTC Wildfire X. None of those phones made HTC resurface, which has seen how Your earnings don't stop falling lately. Even so, although now the company is more focused on virtual reality technology, it still does not give up on mobile phones and, according to its CEO, this year they will try it with 5G.

HTC wants to come back this year with a high-end 5G mobile

htc desire 19s launch

The new CEO of HTC, Yves Maitre, in an interview with UDN has said that HTC launch a smartphone with 5G this year. In addition, I affirmed that 2020 will be a great year for the brand, because They plan to invest heavily in both the development of 5G mobiles and in virtual and augmented reality applications. Maitre believes that the company can take advantage of the novelty of 5G to resurface in the market and gain the trust of consumers.

According to the rumors, HTC has an agreement with Qualcomm so that your new mobile mount the last high-end processor of the company. And it is expected that the smartphone with 5G to launch HTC this year is a flagship capable of competing with the most powerful phones of other companies. That way, HTC intends to go back in style.

htc hub 5g virtual reality

However, Maitre clarifies that the company's priority right now is virtual reality. In fact, they hope to launch new virtual reality glasses in mid-March in San Francisco. With the arrival of new generation consoles and the growing popularity of streaming videogame services such as Google Stadia, HTC is confident that its virtual reality projects will boost the brand, more than mobile phones. And t … what do you think about it? Do you think HTC is once again the brand it was in the beginning of Android?

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