How to watch Gentefied: the Netflix spanglish series

How to watch Gentefied: the Netflix spanglish series

Gentefied is the new bet of Netflix, a series to the rhythm of Spanglish which intends, among other things, to make visible and give voice to stories that take place within the Latin and Hispanic community in the United States.

Initially, after watching the trailer, we think that the series runs the risk of falling into stereotypes too manic about the Mexican collective. However, we will have to wait to see the entire series to be able to judge if this is really so.

At the same time, we are pleased to see that the Hispanic community gains space on series and popular movie platforms such as Netflix. Without a doubt, it is important to know the history of immigration and minority groups in other countries.

Gentefied show us on the one hand the reality of those who immigrated, fathers, mothers, grandparents and grandmothers who had to start from scratch in a country with another language and another culture.

On the other hand we will see the reality of their sons and daughters, and how, having already been born in the United States (or arriving very young), you have to fight to conserve your space within the American community without forgetting or neglecting your races.

The series, which is included in the genre of comedy, is mainly marked by going from Spanish to English in the original version, something that will undoubtedly make a smile to those of us who are Spanish-speaking and live in Anglo-Saxon countries.

What is Gentefied about?

The story Gentefied tells us is located in Boyle Heights, a Latin neighborhood in Los Angeles, where the Morales family has lived for years. After the death of Grandmother Delfina, her already widowed husband and three grandchildren fight to get the Mexican Mama Finas Taco restaurant afloat.

At the same time, we can understand how different economic and social changes change and modify life in the Latin American neighborhood.

When can Gentefied be seen?

The series opens on February 21.

Where can I see Gentefied?

Gentefied is a series produced by Netflix and created by Linda Yvette Chvez and Marvin Lemus. As expected, it can be seen on the Netflix platform from the date indicated.

If you still don't have a Netflix subscription, it's worth taking a look at their prices and rates. In our opinion, if you are a fan of watching series and movies, Netflix is ​​worth it.

There are currently three subscription rates:

  • 7.99 euros for a basic fee
  • 11.99 for a standard fee (content can be viewed on two devices simultaneously)
  • € 15.99 for a premium rate (you can share with four devices)

Another point to keep in mind is that if you travel frequently abroad and want to watch Netflix content that is only broadcast in your country of residence, we recommend that you use a VPN to change the geolocation of your device.