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How to set Google as the homepage

set Google as homepage. Laptop on a table and a cell phone aside

Are you tired of having to change your browser from whatever your home page is to visit the Google page? Do you want to automatically open the Google homepage every time you use your browser? There is a very simple way to do it, regardless of what your browser is.

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If your idea of ​​a homepage is more similar to “Any page that opens when Edge starts,” this is the fastest way to set it up.

Set Google as homepage Microsoft Edge screen

Step 1: Open an Edge window and select More actions (the dots in the upper right corner of the screen) and then Configuration.

Step 2: Inside the page Configuration, Choose At the beginning from the menu on the left side. Then select Open a page or specific pages.

Step 3: Once you do that, another submen appear below that option. In this menu, select Add a new page and then enter Google com in the dialog box that appears. Then select Add.

set Google as homepage. Chrome screen

Google Chrome should, under normal circumstances, automatically take you to a window with the search bar and several of your favorite websites, so many Chrome users won't even have to worry about this step. But if you want to configure a more official home screen or verify that everything is still working, this is what you should do.

Step 1: Select the cone of more options (three vertical points) in the upper right corner of the screen in your browser window. Then select Configuration.

Step 2: Choose Appearance. In the Appearance menu, select the toggle button next to the option Show start button.

Step 3: Enter google.com in the space provided when you are asked to enter the URL of the chosen homepage.

Note: This option may not work if you are using Chrome on a tablet or phone, where the configuration options are a bit more limited.

Next, we show you how to configure Google as your homepage in Safari, according to the Google support site:

Step 1: Open Safari, select Safari in the upper left corner of the screen and then select preferences. From here, select general.

Step 2: Look for the heading that says Home page With a space next to it. Then type google.com.

Don't worry here, Firefox offers the easiest option. Open Firefox and go to the Google startup website with the search bar you know and love. Then: