How to erase photos from your iPhone completely and forever


With photos we can quickly fill the storage of our devices, especially if we have base models and if they are also from some time agoWell, they had less capacity. Today we bring you a tutorial to completely and definitively empty the galley of your terminals and gain memory space. First of all, yes, you should make sure in case you don't want to lose the images of making a backup in any of the available cloud services. If you work normally with iCloud you can do it in the Apple cloud, but normally you will have to have a contracted plan to not fill the 5GB that it offers free. If you do not have any and need a way to save them you can use the services in the cloud of Google Photos, which allows unlimited storage as long as they are images of less than 16 megapixels. You got it? Let's continue with the deletion.

How to delete all your photos at once

one Open the App "Photos" of your device.

two Go to "Photos" in the lower left corner.

3 Enter filters for days, months and years select “All the photos”.

4 Click on "To select" top right and select all photos. A trick to select all the photos quickly is to drag your finger over them, we will see as if we do not lift the finger and slide up, all the images will be selected until they reach the last.

5 This may cost you a little at first, if it doesn't work out at the first try again and be sure to select them all. Vers that is correct because a blue tic appears above the images.

6 With all the photos selected click on the trash button bottom right and confirm that you want to delete the images.

iPhone taking picture

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So far the first part of this tutorial to delete the photographs. Formerly here we will have finished, but in the most recent versions of iOS an automatic folder was created in which the photos that we have deleted for 30 days are saved for later deletion. In case during that time we will realize that we have eliminated something that we would like to recover. To erase forever, you have to follow these steps:

7 Go to the tab of “Albums” and look for one called "Removed". If we scroll down here at all, it is the last one that appears.

8 Within this album we will click on "To select" in the upper right corner, and then over "Delete all" in the lower left corner. We will confirm that we want to delete and we will have already deleted all the photos from our device.

Now Keep taking pictures with our iPhone!