cambiar color seleccion ios

How to change the color of the text selection on iPhone

The selection of text in any smartphone It is a very useful function, because it allows you to copy a text with ease and also delete a paragraph more quickly. This is also the case with iPhones, although it is not a perfect tool.

You may have noticed that you cannot customize this text selection on your iOS device. In the Notes app, the selected text will appear yellow, while in Safari or WhatsApp the selection will be blue.

But what if you prefer it green and with more or less opacity? In this article we present you SelectTextColors, a tool that allows you to do it. Of course, you should know that only work on iPhones in which you have done jailbreak.

How to jailbreak your iPhone

The jailbreak It is a delicate process, which only those who understand a little about computer science will want to do. Obviously, it has its advantage (such as the possibility of installing apps and tools outside the App Store), but it also has its risks.

The process of jailbreak It will vary according to the version of iOS you have installed on your iPhone. You will have to install Cydia Impactor on your computer, connect the mobile and drag an app that allows you to do the jailbreak (It is different for each iOS update).

How to change the color of the text selection in iOS

The pxcex developer has created the SelectTextColors tool so that anyone who wants to change the color of the text selection on their iPhone can do so easily. As we say, this requires that you have a device with jailbreak.

With the jailbreak done, you can install SelectTextColors on your iPhone with iOS 9 or later. When you do, a new option will appear in the Settings of your mobile where you can configure the text selection to your liking.

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