¿Cómo se puede apalancar la automatización en redes sociales?

How can automation be leveraged on social networks?

How can automation be leveraged on social networks?

Within the world of marketing and its digital section, automation has come to represent one of the most important advantages for thousands of brands and companies, according to the Invesp firm, it allows to increase sales productivity by 14.5 percent and reduce General expenses up to 12.2 percent, while up to 91 percent of marketing professionals point out that automation is important for the success of the online activities they develop. This interesting technology can be leveraged on various channels, such as social networks, and generate good contributions. To get a better idea of ​​these, in this article we highlight some ways in which you can make use of automation in social networks.

According to information shared by HubSpot from his blog, these are the different ways in which automation can be leveraged on social networks to really help:

Regarding this first way of leveraging automation in social networks, you should know that many automation tools can currently be used for a task with social listening that, as you remember, is the process of monitoring what people are saying about of a brand, a product or an industry within the different online platforms.

With the automation tools it is possible to see the mentions of a particular brand through the different social networks from a single place. Additionally, as HubSpot points out, it is possible to follow up on certain keywords, topics or hashtags to see what is being said in the industry. Even more conveniently, it is possible to use this type of tools to monitor the competition. Knowing their latest news and what they say about them can be a great advantage.

Finally, social listening platforms can help in generating ideas for social media content or even for product development.

The second way to implement automation in social networks highlights the use of chatbots. These can be used in the messenger sections, such as Facebook Messenger or private Twitter messages, in order to optimize marketing actions and improve the customer experience of brands.

As an example, the source emphasizes that it is possible to create automated responses or suggestions for answers to questions and comments from consumers. When these individuals ask questions, for example, about business hours, the chatbot can provide the answer automatically.

Additionally, it is possible to use chatbots so that customers can know that you will soon be with them to answer their comments and provide resources.

Chatbots are ideal for dealing with minor problems that may arise in the consumer, however, its operation can be leveraged to scale more complex problems to a person who is part of the company or brand for which it is operating.

  • Obtaining value insights

Another clear way in which automation in social networks can work is by providing analytical data on the strategy that is under way. Many of the automation tools for social networks have an east section where they collect this type of information that can be of great help.

As an example of the above, through the data they collect it may be possible to identify the best moments of the day to launch publications for the community. It is also possible to see important data, such as the engagement rate that exists with the community, among other things.

From the automation and social media management platforms, important data such as scope, impressions, engagement can be known, from the same place, and this information is key to measuring the success of the campaigns.

  • Content curation ideas

Some of the platforms or tools for automation in social networks have the ability to provide content curation. This means that you can choose industries or topics that can be considered relevant to the audience. Subsequently, the software will cure that content that can be shared and published in the company's social media accounts.

According to the source, some automation tools have the ability to create draft social media posts, however, these should only be used as a starting point. The person in charge of the social networks of the brand or company must write their own copies for the publications in the different accounts.

  • Interact with the audience

Continuing with the ways of leveraging automation in social networks, this can be considered one of the most important. Having the ability to interact with the audience from one place, contemplating the different channels that the company has, represents a great advantage to give it the importance that the issue of engagement deserves.