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Google is testing floating conversations in the Messages app

Google Messages

During the different betas that Google launched from Android 10, some functions were available and although later disappeared from the final version probably because they were not completely defined or they were not very clear on how to implement them in the applications.

One of them is the floating bubble notifications, that were available during the second beta of Android 10, although its operation left enough to be desired. That type of notifications offered us a different way to view the notifications, but without providing any extra functionality.

However, as the Android version evolved, the number of functions available for this option has been increasing, such as the possibility to see entire conversations. This is one of the functions that Google is currently testing in the Messages application.

Google Messages

As we can see in the images that accompany this article, XDA images, the operation of these notifications It is very similar to the one we can currently find on Facebook It will allow us to see entire conversations as well as answer them.

Google states that expect developers to use the bubble API with any of its applications, as Facebook already does. This should involve a greater degree of cohesion to Android and will reduce development time for application developers who wish to implement such an interface.

At the moment it is still a test so We do not know when this function will be officially launched, although from the search giant it is encouraging developers to use this new API. Most likely, this is one of the functions that come from the hand of Android 11, so that the community has enough time to adapt it in their applications.