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Google Duo already allows us to respond to video messages with emoticons

Google Duo

Photo: Android Police

Google Duo is the application that Google puts at our disposal in its umpteenth attempt to offer us a video call service, but not exclusively, since it also allows us Send video messages as if we were leaving a message on an answering machine.

This messaging application has just received a new function, a function that most of its users will probably appreciate, since it allows them reply through emoticons to video messages, a feature that is sure to be appreciated by regular users of the Google call service.

This function only appears when we receive a video message. When you open it, on the right side you will see a selector that when pressed display different emoticons vertically that we can use to respond quickly without having to deploy the keyboard.

At the moment we only have 8 emoticons to respond. The first 7 are fixed and the latter varies showing the one we use most. This default selection does not allow us to modify it, we only have the latest emoticon to adapt it to our needs of the moment.

We can only select one emoticon to answer. If we select another to answer, this will replace the one we had used at the beginning. The person who sent the video message will receive a notification with the response.

This function has been deployed through servers, so if you still do not have it available, you will probably have to wait a few hours or days to enjoy it.

Anyway, it never hurts to check if we have the latest version of Google Duo installed in our device, since it will be necessary if or if to be able to use this new function.

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