Google Drive

Google Drive exceeds 5,000 million downloads

Google Drive

Exceeding the 1 billion downloads is the Play Store is a milestone that very few applications have achieved as long as they are not under the Google umbrella, as is the case of the Samsung Internet browser of the Korean company, in addition to all social networking applications.

Reaching 5,000 million downloads is even more complicated, since there are very few applications that have achieved it. The last to join the club exceeding 5,000 million downloads is Google Drive, joining Google Chrome, Gmail and Facebook.

Unlike Chrome, Gmail and Facebook, Google Drive It is not an application that many users use regularly, hence I would not have achieved that number of downloads beforehand, despite being another of the applications that are preinstalled on all terminals that with Android that reach the market.

The integration of Google Drive with this Google applications and services It is growing, so its use is almost an obligation for many users, whether they want to or not. This storage service offers us 15 GB for free to store any type of file.

Integration with Google Photos

Despite the continuous integration of Google Drive with all its services, a few months ago, stopped allowing access to images stored in Google Photos directly from Google Drive, as if it were an image directory.

Google Photos allows us to store all our images and videos in high quality (not in their original resolution) for free without using the storage space we have contracted or the one we have for free by just opening a Gmail account.