Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne is like living a Studio Ghibli movie on your mobile

Forgotton Anne is one of the best adventures we've seen in recent years and is able to move you to live in person what are the Ghibli studio animation films. A fascinating story in which you will fully enter to turn your mobile screen into the space where you can live unique experiences.

An adventure that It stands out for that classic animation and that stands as unique. It is even translated into Spanish so you don't miss out on the Forgotton Lands, like a magical place inhabited by the Forgotlings, lost objects that live in the hope of being remembered.

A beautiful cinematic story on your mobile

Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne is one of those games in which you can't miss a moment of kinematics that pass before your eyes. It is important to know the story and enjoy those details in a unique story in which animation plays a very special role. Especially for what will be next the experience of moving yourself to Anne and solve with her multitude of puzzles and secrets.


You enter the role of Anne and you will have as your main objective to maintain order in Forgotton Lands. If we talk about maintaining order, it also means trying quell a rebellion that prevents you from returning to the world of the humans. And it will be little by little as we will discover the story that awaits us in this free game in its first moments, but then it will become premium to have it complete.

Anne is facing a place where everything that has been lost is really found in objects such as toys, letters or socks. These are the lost objects that we must find and thus make discover the common thread that will take us through the complete history of Forgotton Anne.

Decisions change history in Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

Like the adventures of Telltale Games, in Forgotton Anne all the decisions we make will have their reaction and a possible change in the thread of the argument that we will discover. That is, we talk about our words and actions alter the final outcome of the story. Hitcents, the study in charge of the publication of this game, has worked to create a good system of branching of dialogues that will result in different endings.

Forgotton Anne

This also means that you can start the adventure from scratch to live another different ending. Apart from this, we will have to know how to master the power of Anima, the energy that gives rise to Forgotton Lands and that will help us solve puzzles and forge the destiny of the Forgotlings.

And of course, apart from the puzzles, we will have platforms and a visual display for a wonderful story. You can run, jump, fly, climb stairs and browse all those points where the question mark appears.

With the soundtrack performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra

Forgotton Anne

In Forgotton Anne they have taken care of the details and the soundtrack is simply fabulous. If we say that It is performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra We will understand why we can succumb to headphones and that story bathed majestically by the melodies that will be played. And that's how we tell it.

Forgotton Anne