iPhone 11 pro galaxy s20 ultra

First comparisons between the cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

iPhone 11 pro galaxy s20 ultra

Samsung presented just a few weeks ago its new Galaxy S20 and the Ultra model, which exceeds 1,300 euros in price, has positioned itself as one of the clearest rivals of the iPhone 11 Pro at the photographic level. Samsung has opted for four rear cameras with a main sensor of 108 megapixels and a 100x zoom, a unique configuration that seeks to reign among mobile cameras.

We already compared the iPhone 11 Pro Max with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and it seems clear that both devices are two of the best exponents of the high range that you can buy this year. Now they have started to appear photographic comparisons between both models which show the great current competition and everything that mobile cameras have evolved in recent years.

IPhone 11 Pro camera vs Galaxy S20 camera

In this comparison they have been used various photos in different situations and created by our colleagues in Phone Arena. We have many photos in many environments that show the photographic capabilities of these two devices.

Photo of da outdoors

The first of the two images belongs to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the second to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. As we can see, these are two good photos, where the iPhone seems to capture more light and some more detail with its main sensor.

Day portrait mode

Portrait mode has become one of the most important functions of today's mobile cameras. Again we have the iPhone on the left and the Galaxy on the right. As in the previous photo, these are two great shots in which we see a difference in skin tone and in which again the iPhone manages to capture more light and details, especially in clothes.

Portrait mode with side light

This photo is probably where the differences between the portrait mode of both devices are most noticeable, we have a more complex scene With an incident side light. In the case of the iPhone these reflections are resolved very well, against the Galaxy S20 burns part of the image on the side of the face. In addition to this, not having a 2x camera makes the Galaxy use zoom, so there is less detail in the photo.


One of the great strengths of Koreans, the Galaxy S20 Ultra boasts a zoom up to 100x. However, it is not necessary to increase the image so much, just by using the 5x and 10x zoom it shows clearly a better detail compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Outdoor night photo

The night mode is another of the great improvements of recent years and again both terminals perform very well. In this shot iPhone 11 Pro seems to recover more light, however the tones are not the most successful and as they comment from Phone Arena, the white balance of the Galaxy's photo is closer to reality.

Night photo with background lights

Another night photo in which we have several flashes and backlights. Again iPhone 11 Pro Max seems to capture more light, there is more to see the plants in the foreground. In this case the white balance is much more similar, and also the Galaxy seems not to get so much detail on the neon sign From the bottom.


Another important camera, how many selfies do we take throughout the year? In this comparison is almost a matter of taste, the iPhone photo looks more natural and the Galaxy S20 Ultra seems to have a kind of beauty filter It softens the skin.

As we see in these scenes, both cameras are very competent and the results in many cases depend on personal preferences. There seems to be no clear winner in this comparison, which shows the Apple's amazing work with its iPhone 11 Pro, who only sin in the white balance at night.