Facebook Watch, the rival of YouTube and Netflix, arrives in Spain

Facebook Watch, the rival of YouTube and Netflix, arrives in Spain

That video is the main protagonist of current affairs and entertainment is something that is already obvious. Even services like Twitter, which are based on the text, give a lot of relevance to this type of content.

Others, very successful, focus exclusively on it, with one focus or another. Two very different examples are YouTube and Netflix.

Facebook already announced at the time Facebook Watch, a platform in which it would try for its users to spend a lot of time enjoying the videos chosen specifically for each one.

Facebook Watch arrives in Spain

Now this service leaves the countries in which it was operational and carries out its worldwide deployment. Among the markets where it lands is Spain.

To use it we must click on the blue screen icon with the Play symbol in the middle. It may appear between the icons in the top bar or in the side menu, in the three horizontal stripes icon.

When we press we will enter in this new section where there are only videos, and in which we will find from some humor videos to news. The idea is to be a timeline as it is the main one but exclusively focused on video.

It will also serve as a place to collect the videos we want to watch later. If we are using the normal section and we see a video that we want to mark to watch later, in doing so that video will appear highlighted in Facebook Watch, with priority over the rest, since we have special interest in seeing it.

Facebook has a great opportunity

It remains to be seen that this new section does not simply become a kind of Tumblr of videos, that is, where we see funny babies, cats and memes in audiovisual form.

If Facebook wants to be a reference with Watch should attract relevant creators, make them earn money and improve the image of a platform that shows signs of stagnation, although it remains the largest Internet service in number of users.