Elephone p7000 y Uefone Be Touch cara a cara

Elephone p7000 and Uefone Be Touch face to face

elephone p7000, be touch

Whenever I can, I like to bring you the latest news and post so you have all the information about the Android world. But today I don't bring you something that you surely like and it is not news. I will compare two Chinese terminals, with a price and specifications very difficult to overcome. Its about Uefone Be Touch and the Elephone P7000.

I will do it in sections, so that it is easier to follow and you can go to a specific one if it is the one that interests you most. Let's go there …

One of the most interesting sections without a doubt to decide the purchase of a terminal. And more knowing that it is coming from China, where we can find anything on the phones.

In the Uefone we have a screen 5.5 inch HD, which brings protection Gorilla Glass 3. It may be one of the most conflicting points, but an HD screen in the times, and above knowing that the diagonal exceeds 5 inches. We may see some pxel if we approach the screen.

golden elephone 1

Instead, if we pass the Elephone, we have a screen 5.5 inch FullHD. The same size, but with a resolution, clearly superior. We are talking about 400 dpi In this terminal. It also has Gorilla Glass 3 protection, so it is a clear winner in this section.

Another strong point, in which the two are very even. Both models have the same processor, which in this case is the MediaTek MT6572. Without a doubt, we are talking about a good processor, with architecture of 64-bit and eight cores at 1.7 GHz. I have tried this processor, and I have to say it works perfectly. Together with the 3 GB of RAM that each one has, we can run virtually all applications without any problem.

As with the processor, the two models also have the same GPU, so the graphics processor will be the same on both screens. Of course, remember that one has a much lower resolution than the other. It also points out that the two have 16 GB of internal storage.

Here everyone has their own tastes, so we will see the size and dimensions of each terminal. In Uefone we have 160 grams, the same as the Elephone P7000.

comparative elephone1

When we talk about dimensions, the thing does change a bit. The Uefone has the following dimensions:158.1 × 77.4 × 8.60 mm. While the Elephone with these others: 155 × 76.3 × 8.9 mm.

As we see, the P7000 seems a bit more compact than the rival, but this is defended by the other with somewhat less thick. The two terminals, once again, are very close, and this decision will be made by the design of each.

We enter a very difficult section when we talk about Chinese terminals, since they do not usually have an optimal quality. But it seems that in these two cases, We can take good pictures.

For Uefone they have decided to mount a fourth generation Sony sensor. Specifically it is the IMX214, a sensor of 13 megapixels And a very good quality. We can see how higher terminals already mount this sensor, which gives a very good experience. With this camera we can record video up to 4K. If we go to the front camera, we see how a 5 megapixel sensor is responsible for taking the images.