Tips para conseguir seguidores en LinkedIn

Effective tips to get followers on LinkedIn

Tips to get followers on LinkedIn

As highlighted by TechJury, an average LinkedIn account usually has up to 930 connections (or followers), however, as in other social networks, within LinkedIn many companies and brands are the ones that decide to focus on the generation of large communities to enhance their reach. While we have repeated that the number of followers is a metric of vanity, having a good number of followers can bring some benefits, such as improving the scope or having more opportunities to convert these people into customers who pay for products or services offered by the company. Since it is never a good option to try to buy from these followers, as Hotmart points out, this exposes brands to zero engagement rates, no sales and the risk that the account will be blocked, this time we highlight some recommendations simple ones that can be of great help to get more followers on LinkedIn.

If you are looking to increase the size of your community in a professional social network such as LinkedIn, from Business2Community, the Young Entrepreneur Council highlights the following recommendations that you can take advantage of:

Connect with businesses in your niche

As part of this first advice to get followers on LinkedIn, brands must understand that they can also use the social network to connect with other companies within the niche but that are not competition. For example, if your company is a firm that designs web pages, you can connect with a company that provides the hosting service or with agencies specialized in SEO.

These connections allow you to increase your fan base by giving opportunities for activities such as cross-promotion or putting together packages that other companies and customers can use.

Optimize your profile

Regarding this second recommendation, brands should keep in mind that without a fully optimized profile, nobody will know who your company or business is and what it does. In addition, it will be more difficult to find the firm in the platform search engine, so getting more followers on LinkedIn will be a practically impossible task. So the recommendation is that, optimize your profile.

All the different sections of information must be complete, whether you have a company page or a personal profile. For example, in the case of the personal profile, make sure you have a summary, the details of your professional experience and your skills, as well as the rest of the sections.

Join relevant groups

As with Facebook, in the case of LinkedIn it is also possible to meet with groups. If what you want is to increase the number of followers, consider joining those spaces that are particularly relevant to your target audience. For example, if you have a company that offers a tool for photo editing, consider joining a group of photographers or graphic designers.

Once you are part of these communities you can participate in conversations (without trying to sell) to be able to generate connections and attract more potential customers to join as followers.

Promote engagement goes exclusive content

Engagement can be one of the most complicated elements to obtain in social networks, however, it can also be considered necessary to increase the number of followers on LinkedIn consistently. A way forward to meet this point is that brands understand that they have a gold mine in terms of data and information that can be considered interesting by people.

With the above in mind, companies can create publications specifically highlighting an offer, such as an infographic with interesting figures or an Excel document that could be a template. To give access to these documents, a call to action can be leveraged that includes interacting with the publication, tagging a colleague or providing an email address through private messages.

Add short videos to your profile