F1 2016: download the official Formula 1 game on Android now

download now the official game of Formula 1 on Android

Lovers of simulation games are in luck. Now available to download from the Google Play Store on F1 2016, the official formula 1 game for Android.

One of the most anticipated releases has reached the Google store. Finally we can make Formula 1 races with the most current game, F1 2016.

We can compete in various ways, during a season, an individual race or a time trial. Whatever our option may be enjoyed in one of the 21 available circuits.

Being the official game we will have the 11 teams that compete in the Formula One World Championship as well as the 22 members of them, such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, or Fernando Alonso.

F1 2016: download the official Formula 1 game on Android now

Create your own championship

One of the novelties of this year is the inclusion of the Custom Season mode, in which we can choose the circuits we want and their length to create our custom championship.

The control of the game will not be as in an arcade title as usual and we must be attentive to the inclination, the assistance of direction and sensitivity, the assistance of braking or the inclination of the camera.

We can also compete in weekly tests that involve challenges to reach the top of the leaderboards.

We must highlight the graphics and visual effects such as sparks, lighting or reflections in the bodies of vehicles.

F1 2016: download the official Formula 1 game on Android now

A high price game

One of the few hits that we are going to put to the game is not that it is paid, but it costs 9.99 euros. If we are going to take advantage of it, it is worth it. If we are going to take an occasional race, we can wait for a specific offer.

We will need a device with a minimum space of 2.67 GB free and Android 5.0 or higher.