Coronavirus: the organization plans to cancel the MWC celebration

Coronavirus: the organization plans to cancel the MWC celebration

Woman wears mask in ChinaIt has been an incessant drip of casualties due to the Coronavirus that, as you well know, had its first outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan. So far, the GMSA has limited itself to dreadfully contemplate how big brands such as LG, Ericsson, Amazon or Intel, among others, have been announcing their withdrawal in the contest, and in addition to announcing certain sanitary measures that have sounded to us. desperate But some media are already shouting a rumor: the organization values ​​to cancel the present edition of the Mobile World Congress due to the threat of the Coronavirus.

The information indicates that the decision will be taken this Friday after a meeting sponsored by the main players of the fair's organization, the Telephone and Orange operators. These firms have not yet made public a definitive position, much awaited especially after knowing the official discharge also from NTT DoCoMo. These sources suggest that operators will be pressing GSMA to seriously consider canceling the present edition of the fair.

Unfounded panic, experts say

The cancellation of the MWC will be an unprecedented decision in the world of technology and the fact that it was a virus responsible, still makes it more strange. As we point out from these lines, experts warn that this fear will be totally unfounded and argue that the danger of the virus is not high and of course, much less dangerous than the flu; on the other hand, its contagion capacity is relatively low (it is necessary to be less than one meter from the infected person and the virus does not survive far from a living being).

The cancellation of the Mobile World Congress will be a huge economic blow to Barcelona and the organization, and local authorities rushed to support organizations in an attempt to save the celebration. Regarding this alleged meeting, the sources argue that the operators want to end the uncertainty and not incur more costs derived from not making a clear decision,

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