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Comparison of data rates for tablets


Comparison of data rates for tablets

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July 11, 2015

Sim operators

Currently, most tablets that go on the market have mobile connectivity or at least one version that adds this feature. To be able to navigate without being within the range of a WiFi network, we only need one SIM card of the operator that is and hire a corresponding rate, the same as with any smartphone. What happens is that the operators often do not give too much visibility to the offers that exist especially for tablets, or do not indicate if an offer is suitable or not for these devices, that is why we bring you this comparison where we will review the rates of most companies in our country.

Just a few days ago, Apple launched its service in Spain and many other countries Apple SIM, which allows you to buy a card with a data bonus at any Apple Store to have Internet connection in more than 90 countries. As it is not an operator, we leave it out of the comparison itself but it is interesting to mention it to take it into account. It is a good option, especially when navigating abroad, but it is not the best, even less if it is for local use since its prices are somewhat high.

  • 10 euros for 75 MB to consume in 3 days
  • 25 euros for 400 MB to consume in 7 days
  • 35 euros for 800 MB to consume in 14 days
  • 50 euros for 3 GB to consume in 30 days

From now on, all prices are VAT included (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and monthly unless otherwise indicated. A note, if you are looking to save, we invite you to go through this tutorial to save data on your tablet.


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<p>We start with the largest operator in our country. Despite being one of the most committed to the <strong>convergent offers</strong>, the tablets have been a little out of their orbit. It has some options that may be interesting, such as 2 GB for 22.99 to check email and browse or <strong>multi-device</strong>, whose advantage is that it can be used from smartphones, tablets, modems, etc. For more information visit the web.</p><div class='code-block code-block-6' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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  • Smartphone Internet 19 Rate: 2 GB / 22.29 euros
  • Multi-device Internet Rate 25: 4 GB / 30.25 euros
  • Multi-device Internet Rate 35: 6 GB / 42.35 euros
  • Multi-device Internet Rate 45: 10 GB / 54.45 euros
  • Mobile Internet Contract: 250 MB / 2.29 euros per day + 4.59 euros per month


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The British operator offers up to four options between 1 and 10 GB of data. As long as it is available due to coverage issues, use of the 4G + to get higher speeds, it does not allow roaming. The rates they have no permanence if you do not contract with a device associated. Once the package is exhausted we can pay 2 euros for 200 MB blocks or reduce the speed to 16 kbps. For more information visit the web.

  • 1GB Internet Tablet: 1 GB / 11 euros
  • Mobile Internet 3.2GB: 3.2GB / 24 euros
  • 6GB Mobile Internet: 6 GB / 30 euros
  • 10GB Mobile Internet: 10 GB / 42 euros


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The orange company has a smaller offer, only two options. The one they recommend for tablets, with only 1 GB and another with 3 GB. In any case, always It can be extended by buying 800 MB bonds for 8 euros. As with Vodafone, it does not entail the signing of a permanency contract if a device is not acquired and whenever available it will use the 4G network. Conditions for National territory. For more information visit the web.


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For tablets, Yoigo advises The Zero Rate 1.2 GB, although it is also a good option that extends the bonus up to 5 GB. For those who need a lot of data, the endless rate, although most tablets, not having a telephone function, waste unlimited calls. For 6 euros we can add an additional 1 GB and for 3 euros, 100 MB to consume with calls and video calls via VoIP. It has no registration fee or permanence. For more information visit the web.

It has an option that can be interesting in what cases, for which you can hire a daily data packet 100 MB (once sold out, we can continue browsing although at a lower speed). In addition, it offers several options of flat rate and prepaid bonus 1 GB For more information visit the web.


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<p>For some time now, this operator allows <strong>set a rate to your liking</strong>. Simply select only one data packet between 100 MB and 4 GB, without checking any option as far as calls are concerned. The data bonus is exhausted, we can continue browsing at a cost of <strong>3.63 cents / MB</strong> or hiring an additional bonus. Does not include permanence or data traffic in Roaming. For more information visit the web.</p>
<li>Internet bonus 100 MB / 1 euro</li>
<li>Internet bonus 300 MB / 2.5 euros</li>
<li>Internet Bonus 1 GB / 6 euros</li>
<li>Internet Bonus 2 GB / 11 euros</li>
<li>Internet voucher 4 GB / 21 euros</li>
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