Cheap wireless headphones you want to buy

Cheap wireless headphones you want to buy

If your budget does not allow you to buy wireless headphones (or headphones) of the type true wireless, you do not have to give up enjoying the advantages of this technology. In the market you find many models already, much more accessible than Apple AirPods Pro with prices below $ 150 dollars.

For what they are worth, the best wireless headphones true wireless and cheap are the 1More Stylish. They combine great comfort, sound quality, battery life and water resistance, and we believe that most people will love it, including its price. But if you want to save even more (or change some functions), we give you other options that are also affordable.

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The best truly wireless and cheap headphones: 1More Stylish

1More Stylish truly wireless headphones with its charging case

Why you should buy them: With great sound, comfort and battery life, the 1More Stylish are the best investment without emptying your pocket.

For who they are: Anyone who wants excellent truly wireless headphones at a good price.

At the moment of truth, what should truly wireless headphones offer? A great sound? Of course. Enough battery life? Of course. A comfortable and lightweight design that is also easy to use? Yes please. The 1More Stylish meet all these benefits and, in addition, are able to withstand a moderate amount of sweat, which makes them a great company no matter where you go.

Best of all, they are much cheaper than the truly wireless models of Apple, Jabra, Beats and Sony, at the magical price of $ 100, proving that you don't have to spend tons of money on a large pair of wireless headphones .

Although it has been a while since its launch, the 6.5 hours of battery per charge of the 1More Stylish outperforms several of today's best headphones, including the two Apple AirPods models. Its elegant charging case extends the autonomy to 26 hours, and if you ever need a quick recharge, it can give you three extra hours after only 15 minutes inside the case. With Bluetooth 5 and support for aptX and AAC, the wireless connection is clear and reliable.

Perhaps the best feature of the 1More Stylish is its sound quality. Like most of the 1More products we have tried, the sound of the Stylish is much better than its humble price suggests. "With bold bass and well-balanced mid and high frequencies, the headphones made all the genres I heard … sound just as I expected," said our critic.

Of course, when you are in this price range, there are some features that do not appear. There is no active noise cancellation, there is no ambient mode to channel the external sounds and you will have to control the volume from the phone settings (or your voice assistant). But given the many strengths of the Stylish, all this is a fair commitment to what you get.

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The best true wireless and cheap wireless headphones for exercise: JLab Jbuds Air Sport

A person doing sports with JLab Jbuds Air Sport headphones on

Why you should buy them: They are hard as rocks and do not move even in the most intense workouts.

For who they are: those who need headphones true wireless designed for intense activities (without spending a fortune).